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We are a trio of friends who love sharing great food

and memorable experiences. Here's a little about us and why we started Treats + Eats!

Meet Lisa

My name is Lisa Murphy, I am one of the two bakers behind Treats + Eats.  I learned to cook through trial and error, providing food for two hungry sons and a husband.


I grew up in Australia. My family moved to the UK, back to Australia and finally settled in Langley, BC. I eventually made my home in Southern Alberta.


Mum and Dad, both accomplished cooks, have influenced my cooking. My mum grew up on a farm in South Australia with 4 brothers, she only learned recipes to feed the multitudes.

My dad, an only child, learned to cook when he was very young.  Both his parents worked during the war so at the age of 7 Dad was in charge of making sure there was a cooked dinner on the table when his parents got home.


Cooking and baking for family and friends has always been a joy for me. I have found both escape and purpose in the kitchen - I am thrilled to share my passion for baking by offering you and your family much loved cookies, pies, cakes and breads with basic, wholesome ingredients.

A good Mum lets you lick the beaters - a great Mum turns the mixer off first!

Meet Nickola

My name is Nickola Hughes and I am one of the two bakers behind Treats + Eats. I’m a self taught baker who enjoys recreating all the lovely treats I had in the UK. Baking is my happy place where I can de-stress and create tasty treats for my friends and family.


I grew up in Wales, UK, where I learned from a very young age that baking is fundamental to a happy life. Some of my best childhood memories revolve around cooking and baking; be it the spectacular three dimensional cakes my Mum made for my every birthday, helping to make shortbread cookies for the Christmas tree (when I say helping… I was very good at licking the spoon), or merely listening to the comforting sounds of sizzling, bubbling and cracking coming from the kitchen.


To this day, nothing makes me happier than preparing and sharing my baking. Ultimately, Treats + Eats is about good, home made baking, treating yourself to those little delights that bring you joy, and of course, sharing!


I really do hope that you enjoy our treat boxes, there is something for everyone inside.


Meet Sarah

My name is Sarah Ftichar and I am a proud partner along with Lisa and Nickola at Treats + Eats. I am the mother of two boys and one girl, and partner to a wonderfully energetic husband. We also have an ever-fluctuating happy flock of chickens (with the BEST eggs) and two beautiful dogs who make our family complete.


I love to balance the craziness of my family life with some of the good old hard work that is involved in starting and operating a business. I am proudly involved in founding and operating a number of small businesses. I choose who I work with carefully as I want to be happy and inspired by my work. That is why it was a no-brainer to team with Lisa and Nickola to form Treats + Eats.

We are proudly based in Calgary, striving to provide delicious treats, that are preservative free and a real treat to everyone who tries them.


We hope you love our treats as much as we do!

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